LCAT Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Why LCAT?

    The Local Climate Analysis Tool (LCAT) provides access to climate data and methods for local climate studies to increase NWS staff expertise in local climate, answer user inquiries, and link climate to weather and water information.

  • Q. Are the LCAT data trusted?

    Yes. LCAT provides access to data that are recommended by NOAA climate experts for local studies. Please use the help buttons and data training module to understand details of the recommended data.

  • Q. Are the LCAT methods scientifically credible?

    Yes. LCAT methods are recommended by Science Advisory Teams consisting of NOAA climate experts as best practices for local climate studies. All methods uses are published in peer-reviewed sources and/or used in NOAA operations. Please use the help buttons and data training module to understand details of the recommended methods.

  • Q. Does LCAT produce new NWS climate products?

    No. LCAT does not produce any new NWS climate products. The analysis results can be used for guidance in climate-sensitive decision support practices, for increasing knowledge of your local climate impacts, or answering inquiries of your local users. Please use available training module on LCAT uses in NWS operation for more details.

  • Q. Can I refer my local office users to LCAT?

    LCAT is an internal NOAA tool that can be used to enhance the quality of NWS climate services provided at local level. If your local office users are NOAA staff, you can refer them to use LCAT.

  • Q. Where can I get LCAT help?

    The LCAT Learn section includes training modules on various LCAT subjects. The LCAT navigation pane provides access to help buttons and the LCAT output results have access to dynamic interpretations of the results. In case of problems with LCAT functionalities or web issues please use references provided at the bottom of the LCAT web pages to e-mail a description of the issue. If LCAT does not have the functionalities you need for your local climate studies please contact your NWS Regional Climate Services Program Manager to request an LCAT enhancement.